Welcome!SH Enterprises, Inc. runs a diverse manufacturing, retail and wholesale operation that is in the business of taking care of customer needs. Over the years, Wausau area businesses have learned that the team at SH Enterprises, Inc. is adept at solving their problems. This led to requests for assistance in areas that reached beyond their metals and wood pallet manufacturing foundation. When these requests identified opportunities to expand the business, they did.

Today SH Enterprises, Inc. not only provides custom metal and wood pallet manufacturing services, but also offers retails sales of utility trailers, RV Satellite dish systems. Additionally SH Enterprises, Inc. wholesales a variety of products to the salon industry, and manufactures high quality drum mallets for retailers of musical drum equipment.

When you need a problem solved, you can rely on SH Enterprises, Inc.. Call today to learn more about how they can help your business.

SH Enterprises, Inc. not only manufactures custom metals, custom wood pallets, and high quality drum sticks distributes a variety of products to a variety of industries. Our customers know that if they need to source quality products, with consistent supply, and at great prices, they can rely on us.

Here are a few of our products

We turn ideas into parts and assemblies

SH Enterprises, Inc. can manufacture parts and assemblies of all sizes and materials including stainless steel, aluminum, wood and more. Not sure if we can help you with your project. Give us a call and ask. Our engineers are happy to help.

Satisfied local customers – big and small

SH Enterprises, Inc. has a long list of satisfied customers in the Wausau and surrounding area. These customers include Wausau Windows, Greenheck Fan and Marathon Electric and more.

Plenty of capacity to meet customer needs

SH Enterprises, Inc. has a 7,500 square foot facility with plenty of capacity to take on the biggest projects. We run 2 shifts Monday through Friday and flex on Saturdays as needed.

 Very satisfied customers from all kinds of industries

SH Enterprises, Inc. has many very satisfied local customers. Here is a comment from one of our customers:

“Wausau Windows has worked with S&H Enterprises for 10 years. Steve has provided excellent engineering support and manufacturing and delivery has always been on-time. S&H Enterprises is your complete solution for all your custom metal manufacturing needs.”

Reputation for innovation and excellence

We manufacture the highest quality metal and wood products. Our carefully engineered lines of metals have unlimited uses. Over the past three decades, we have established a reputation for flexibility, innovation and superior quality, and earned the approval of some of the nation’s leading manufacturers.

Flexible delivery to meet your needs

Do you need deliveries to be scheduled within a certain window or do you need them to be flexible based upon your production schedules? We can evaluate your delivery needs and create routing that delivers at the time that best suits your requirements. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We are happy to accommodate.

Engineering Support

Customer Service

We can help you finalize your design ideas into technically perfect parts and assemblies. Tell us about your custom metal project and our engineers will work with you to bring your ideas to life. We love a good challenge. Call to speak directly to an engineer or fax your ideas to (715) 848-2223 today. There is always a way to get the job done. Sometimes it takes extra work and creativity. That’s what we do every day, and is why our customer service team has earned a reputation for being uncommonly responsive and flexible to customer needs. Just ask our biggest long-term clients

On-Time Delivery

Inventory Stocking

Your customers rely on you to deliver your products on time. That means that you need reliable manufacturing partners who deliver on time and communicate well. We never over-commit. You can rely on us for timely deliveries. Just ask our current customers. Managing inventory can be difficult and if an error is made downtime can be costly. Let SH Enterprises, Inc. implement one of our inventory maintenance programs at your facility and eliminate a critical component of successful up-times.


Track Record of Success

Working within a framework is important. It provides us with structure and keeps us organized. But in the real world things often fail to flow as planned. Clients demand bigger or earlier deliveries, and make last minute changes that require you to be responsive in order to keep their business. SH Enterprises, Inc. is the kind of partern that keeps you looking good. We respond to your needs. If have requirements that are outside of the norm. Tell us about it. You can rely on us to come up with creative solutions to help solve your biggest challenges. We’ve been taking care of the manufacturing needs in Wasau and surrounding community businesses for over 30 years. As many of our competitors close their doors, we continue to grow and prosper, and our existing clients continue to give us larger and more challenging projects. They trust us to deliver the quality, service and value that is required of manufacturing partners in today’s competitive environment.



SH Enterprises, Inc. is your trusted local connection for custom metal manufacturing. We set the standard for precision quality metal forming and assembly to your specifications: Custom shearing, iron work and punch (metal up to 1″), specialized lathing (cnc lathe work), custom steel stainless and aluminum welding, drill press for custom machining, ventilation systems including screens.


SH Enterprises, Inc. Incorporated of Wausau offers a wide range of trailers. We have a trailer for anything you need to haul from freight to families: Cargo mate and utility trailers, rooftop boxes, dump truck beds, lawn and garden trailers, enclosed trailers and motor homes. If you need to move it, we have a way to get it done. Our mission is to find a solution for all your trailering needs.